[links] Link salad gears up for Reno

Nice guys earn less, study finds — This explains a lot about my business career.

Law grads sue school, say degree is ‘indentured servitude’

Some in Lizzie Borden’s Hometown Think Her Legend Is Out of Whack

Radioactive sulfur in California ‘not a problem’ say scientists

Astronaut Snaps Spectacular Meteor Photo From Space

Are Keyboards on Laptops the Next Thing to Go?Infinitely re-configurable virtual keyboards with haptic feedback could do everything conventional input devices do — and so much more. This pushes my “hey, you kids, get off my lawn!” buttons.

Deloot London: The Opposite of a Boycott

Bachmann and Qualifications — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on Michele Bachmann.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder — If you have a paid vacation or a 40-hour workweek, thank liberals. If you’re a woman who votes, thank liberals. If your child has an education, thank liberals. If you drink clean water and breathe clean air, thank liberals. What have conservatives brought you except market crashes and richer rich?

GOP Candidates Sign Pledge to Create Anti-gay Witch Hunt Commission — Very nice. Because free speech is only for straight, white conservatives, apparently. (Via @twilight2000.)

?otD: How many twofers in your Tuesday?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (4,400 words on Sunspin)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (solid)
Weight: 227.2
Currently reading: The Magician King by Lev Grossman

2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad gears up for Reno

  1. Cora says:

    What strikes me most about the “nice guys earn less” article is that women don’t earn more for being not nice. So apparently, male arseholes earn best. As if we didn’t know that.

    As for keyboards, you can pry mine from my cold, dead hands. Like someone in the comments to that article said, keyboard less computers like the iPad are great for people who are mainly consumers of media. But those who are producers and have to do any amount of writing that is more than a tweet or an email need a keyboard. That’s also why I wouldn’t buy a tablet except as a third or fourth device.

  2. I’ve seen a supposedly “reasonable” conservative and a libertarian explain why they differ from liberals on the issue of governments’ role in solving various problems. The conservative says that the private sector does it better, while the libertarian says he doesn’t know how to do it better. But we’ve had less government regulations, programs, etc., and the private sector NEVER solved societies problems, so even if government doesn’t always do it well, that’s not a reason to pretend there’s another way to do it. There is evidence and history to apply to these questions!

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