[cancer] Une Saison en Enfer

After a pretty darned good day yesterday, and honestly, a quite good week as a whole, today I am back into chemotherapy. This session 5 of 12. All sessions from here forward will be on a bi-weekly schedule from now until early December, unless something unusual occurs..

I am dreading this today. The more I do it, the harder it gets. Expect continued light blogging through the weekend.

I hate this.

8 thoughts on “[cancer] Une Saison en Enfer

  1. Rose Prescott says:

    At least I know you are still with us when I read your posts. Hang in there. We’re still with you and will continue to be.

  2. Cora says:

    Hang in there, Jay!

  3. pelican says:

    Same as Cora … hopefully this chemo will continue to be somewhat less intrusive than the last?

    1. Jay says:

      it is so tiring… A little less mental.

  4. Mutie says:

    I’ve finished mainspring. I really liked it. Hethor went through some really rough stuff. I liked the atmosphere. The pictures were very vivid. I think to recover I will now look for a novel where the hero has an easy, nice time all the way through. Best Wishes, Mutie.

    1. Jay says:

      Giving the hero an easy, nice time? Heresys!

  5. Stevie says:


    Doing something you hate but doing it anyway is an overt act of courage; publically admitting that you dread something is perhaps even more courageous, since we put so much pressure on people to pretend otherwise.

    So you are ahead on both counts, and I’m still looking forward to reading Sunspin…

    1. Jay says:

      I’m glad, and hope you will enjoy SUNSPIN.

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