[links] Link salad wallows into Monday

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Mainspring has a gorgeous German cover as Die Räder der Welt: Roman — (Via my translator Marcel R. Bülles.)

Saint Gaudens’ Three Guiding PrinciplesArt writing guru James Gurney quoting some good advice for creative Producers.

What Killed American Lit.Today’s collegians don’t want to study it—who can blame them?

New Economics Rewrite Book Business

Examining the Mystery of Skeleton, Sugar and Sex — Oh, the opportunities for cheap laughs on this one.

No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist

A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrongThey say Earth is the center of the universe, embracing church teachings of four centuries ago. That idiocy is no more silly than evolution denail, and just as worthy of intellectual respect.

Can the Government Suppress Lies?

?otD: FOLFIRI, anyone?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemotherapy)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.5 hours (overnight plus naps, yikes!)
Weight: 223.8
Currently reading: The Magician King by Lev Grossman

2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad wallows into Monday

  1. “The Wheel of the World” is the best they could come up with? I thought some of the best watchmakers in the world spoken German.

    1. Cora says:

      The literal German translation for “mainspring” would be “Triebfeder” which also as a second, metaphoric meaning and does not sound like the title of an SFF book besides, so I’m not surprised they went with a non-literal title.

      The German cover is lovely BTW. This will make a good present for those friends who read only German.

      The Wall Street Journal article on the alleged demise of American literature departments shows that certain outdated ideas, e.g. the concept of an absolute canon of “great books”, still survive in the US, which is a pity because US scholars and critics were also the first to abandon the idea of an absolute canon. Never mind that I have problems taking someone seriously who honestly insists that Theodore Dreiser and Willa Cather are the best American writers of the 20th century.

      Answer of the day: FOLFIRI is your chemotherapy drug, right? In that case, no thanks.

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