[links] Link salad came back with a lock of your hair

Don’t forget the new Endurance ARC contest: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

[info]benpeek is clever about the latest Orson Scott Card disgrace

Writer Ed Bryant needs some help — A combination of healthcare and housing issues threatens him.

New Implant Can Monitor Tumors ContinuouslyResearchers ultimately hope to combine the tiny sensor with a device to deliver targeted chemotherapy only when the tumor becomes more aggressive.

The Trouble With Homework

Gaddafi’s Creepy Love Den

Another faith-healing death of a child puts Oregon City parents on trial — I find it very difficult to summon sympathy for the actions of these parents. Why is religion allowed to so pervasively privilege what would otherwise be unacceptable behavior in civil society?

Postal Workers: The Last Union — More on the GOP’s relentless dismantling of the American middle class and opportunities for job security and upward mobility. (Via David Goldman.)

The Years of Shame — Paul Krugman on our responses to 9/11.

US will never be at war with Islam: Obama — Almost literally the only thing I respect George W. (“OK, you covered your ass. You can go now.”) Bush for was his insistence on this point. Of course, his advisors and supporters muddied that water horribly for electoral reasons, so the point was largely lost.

How much has Obama learned?The president’s speech to Congress and the Republican presidential debate last week should have taught us that we are no longer in the world of civics textbooks in which our political parties split their differences and arrive at imperfect but reasonably satisfactory solutions. To be more accurate, the GOP is not in that world. The Democrats keep trying to govern, and get kicked in the teeth by Republican electioneering every time. Viz Senator Lott’s highest stated legislative priority — not jobs or deficit spending or dealing with Mr. Bush’s wars, but ensuring that Obama is a one-term president. That’s not governance, that’s politics in bald-faced nutshell.

?otD: That night that you planned to go clear, did you ever go clear?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.0 hours (naps plus fitful overnight)
Weight: 223.0
Currently reading: Antiphon by Ken Scholes

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  1. Might be the chemo doing the Time Warp, but I think you meant Senator McConnell on that last link. Unless Dr. Lott has returned with the zombie hordes that have overtaken Congress and I missed that press release amidst all the shouting of “Brains!”

  2. Michael says:

    Found this today. Interesting:
    Fish oil can make tumors resistant to chemotherapy.

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