[personal] Dreaming of all the gender in the universe

Had a strange dream last night. I was in a facility sort of like the police station in The Last Action Hero, except it had hotel room/cube things. I was about to be Guest of Honor at some event. The organizers had provided me with a lot of fairly random swag as part of my GoH gig.

Meanwhile, both [info]ericjamesstone and [info]scarlettina were working there. Eric was on a project to use Hubble and other space telescope data to prove the existence of a special, deistic creation by demonstrating that the male principle hadn’t been properly measured in exoplanets and brown dwarfs. Janna was researching a competing line of thought. I kept trying to point out that there wasn’t enough gender in the universe to affect the weight of a planet, they both kept telling me how wrong I was.

Plus I was trying to find a place in my room/cube for Eric’s brother to crash during the event.

Weird and funny.