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Simpleminded Writing for Terminal Smartypantses[info]cathshaffer is rather wise.

How [Steve] Jobs Put Passion Into Products

Against Nostalgia — The New York Times with a contrarian view on Steve Jobs. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

The Power of Taking the Big Chance — More on Steve Jobs and Apple.

Why Apple’s Amazing Siri May Herald the End of the iPhoneTechnology Review with more on this.

Replacement for Soyuz rocket canned by Russia — Hmmm.

Menstruation is just blood and tissue you ended up not using — A curious and interesting essay on biases in science in medicine, using “menotoxins” as an example. This might be a bit triggery depending on your gender experience. (Via Science Sushi.)

The Nephilim fossil of upstate New YorkSlacktivist Fred Clark on the Evangelical mindset when it comes to evidence based science, and, you know, actual scientific evidence.

Who Knew that Armageddon Actually Matters in American Politics? Matthew Sutton Explains. — Apocalyptic thinking on the Right.

Repeating the same mistake, expecting new resultsThe president has pleaded with congressional Republicans, more times than the White House would like to admit, to work with him on good faith — not just on economic issues, but on anything. It’s proven to be pointless. It’s hard to compromise with a party whose stated primary goal is to hound you out of office.

Romney vows to reverse Obama’s ‘massive defense cuts’ … that never happened — Ah, conservativeland, where facts never get in the way of a good outrage.

?otD: What food group is hardest on you?

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One thought on “[links] Link salad dreams of pizza

  1. Cora says:

    Regarding the supposedly toxic menstruation, when I was a teenager I was still chased out of the kitchen by older relatives, because my presence would supposedly make the food spoil. Apparently, menstruating women were a particular hazard when cooking jams and preserves. I remember that I was once blamed for a batch of homemade ketchup going bad, because I had dared to eat a spoonful of ketchup straight from the pot while menstruating.

    Mind you, it was women who were perpetuating this myth. I don’t think the men even knew about it.

    It wasn’t until a women’s studies class at university that I realized that the whole menstruating women spoil preserves thing was just a myth and that jam and preserves just go bad on occasion.

    Answer of the day: I still have issues with fat and have to be careful particularly with frying and cooking oils. When I was younger, I also had issues with dairy and eggs, but those have mostly gone away. In fact, I suspect that my egg issues were really disguised fat issues.

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