[cancer] Chemo session eight, day one

Slept through most of the infusion. At home I could feel the edge of nausea in the background, but it never quite caught up with me. Spent most of the afternoon watching Star Trek: Enterprise on Netflix streaming. I’m not surprised it didn’t last, given the quality of the script writing. Today, more Bakulavision as I lay low and quiet.

3 thoughts on “[cancer] Chemo session eight, day one

  1. MrJodie says:

    Jay, just take it easy and rest. Let your body replenish and rebuild. I’m wondering if you’re reacting to Enterprise. It’s like chemo for the brain.

  2. Cora says:

    At least Enterprise doesn’t tax the brain too much and you’re not likely to miss much, if you drift of in the middle.

    The first two seasons of Enterprise were tolerable, though occasionally silly. However, season 3 was god-awful, so god-awful that I never even bothered with season 4.

  3. I’d skip right to Enterprise Season 4, if you’ve got the time. There are some pretty swell episodes in that run, which hark back to the original series. The Mirror Universe two-parter is especially good–“In a Mirror, Darkly.” It’s a sequel to “The Tholian Web.”

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