[personal] A grand day out

Yesterday I did stuff like a normal person. [info]mlerules took me out to have lunch with [info]kenscholes at the Hotcake House. Then we ran errands. Then we came back to the house and collected [info]the_child and ran more errands, including buying her basketball shoes for her new season and scoring a long-desired copy of the region 1 DVD of Going Postalimdb ] for me. Then we had a nice dinner at Apizza Scholls, wherein I ate more or less like a grown-up, then we went and toured the Christmas lights at Peacock Lane, then we came back to Nuevo Rancho Lake and watched the first half of Going Postal, whereupon I fell asleep as late as I’ve gone to bed in months. (Which is to say, about 8:30.)

It was kind of like being a real boy.

Today I recover from yesterday’s breakneck excitement, have lunch with a friend, and watch the second half of the movie. Mostly this involves sitting around in the Big Chair, but that’s okay. Screw chemo, eh?

One thought on “[personal] A grand day out

  1. Nancy Schaadt says:

    Yes! Screw Chemo. I’m so glad you had a regular day. Frankly, lunch, dinner, errands and a movie would have put me out too.

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