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No writing time yesterday. I had a full day at the office, then we had an after hours holiday party at my boss’s home, so that pretty much filled the day. I did bring some Époisses cheese to the party, thanks to the rather excellent cheese department at the Whole Foods here in Omaha.

I also dropped by a Barnes and Noble to pick up a couple of Charles Stross books for my reading pleasure, and was amusingly mistaken for Mr. Stross by the store manager when I inquired about signing my stock. I did manfully refrain from signing Charlie’s books for him.

Workie bits today, and unless something expected crops up, writing time this evening. I’m not pressing myself on this story, just letting it come to life in my head and on the page. We shall see.

Anent yesterday’s hair rant, it occurred to me when I woke up this morning that although I miss my flowing tresses, as a practical matter it would be nice to have my eyelashes and nose hairs back. Trust me, being nasally bald is annoying and slightly indecorous. The eyelash thing is just sad.

I’ll be home Friday afternoon, off to a housewarming party Friday evening if I haven’t collapsed from exhaustion. I expect to spend much of the weekend working with [info]the_child on some homework issues, but also hoping to finish the story-in-progress this weekend, so that next week I can fire up Sunspin revisions.

And of course, next Thursday, a week from tomorrow, I’m off to Michigan for Epic ConFusion. See some, all or none of you there.

4 thoughts on “[personal] Miscellaneous Updatery

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    Jim’s uncle has been treated for pancreatic cancer and managed to avoid losing his hair…except for, apparently, the hair in his ear. He definitely has the side effect of mild hearing loss. He’s on a chemo break as his tumor isn’t growing and he’s gained about 20 pounds. Hope you continue to feel better.

    1. Jay says:

      Good for him for keeping it going with pancreatic. That’s one of the roughest rides, as I understand it. I have also lost at least the more-or-less external ear hairs, but haven’t noted any significant hearing loss.

  2. ces says:

    I didn’t want to say anything yesterday, but it’s still knawing at me, so here it is:

    Jay, it isn’t your hair that’s flirty and attracts women, it isn’t the turn of your head, your eyes, your smile, or anything physical.

    It’s YOU.

    That inner you, that confident inner you, the you that shines no matter how hard life tries to snuff out that shining light.

    Believe me, some of the ugliest, nerdiest, shortest, fattest males I have ever met in my 62 years have been the most attractive, and no flirting was involved.

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you.

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