[personal|writing] Updatery and revisions

Yesterday I hied me off to check on the venue for JayCon. The date will be June 9th, 2012, and I’m still confirming the logistical details. Watch this space for a full announcement soon.

After that, I went to Fireside Writers, which met this week at a place called The Hazel Room. There I spent 2.25 hours booting up the revisions to Sunspin. I am into the project now, and making progress, though I’m already running into some fairly serious “kill your darlings” issues. I also confess to being daunted by the scale of my ambitions and the scope of the changes my agent and first readers want to see. That won’t stop me, of course.

Then I went to OMSI Science Pub, for the first time in months. This week the topic was urban landslides and forensic geology, which given the location of Nuevo Rancho Lake would require a major seismic event before they became a personal issue for me, but still fascinating. The speaker was energetically entertaining, and the slides were pretty cool. Fun to be out among friends, having my brain stretched.

It’s kind of like being a real boy again. And tomorrow I’m off to Epic Confusion, which is also likely to make me feel like a real boy. (Due to travel and so forth, expect light and/or irregular blogging service through the weekend.)

Damn is it nice waking up from chemo and getting out in the world.

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  1. Rick York says:


    Apropos writing and revising, today’s blog from Paul McAuley, http://unlikelyworlds.blogspot.com/


  2. Glad you feel normal again. Excellent!

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