[travel] Open dinner in Denver on Thursday, 2/16

I’ll be in Denver next week for Day Jobbery. As it happens I am free there the evening of Thursday, 2/16. So I’m declaring an open dinner, venue TBD but somewhere downtown. If you’d like to meet up — and it doesn’t matter if you’re an old friend or we’ve never met, or somewhere in between — please let me know in comments so I can get a headcount. I’ll post a venue early next week.

See some, all or none of you there!

4 thoughts on “[travel] Open dinner in Denver on Thursday, 2/16

  1. hmmm Melbourne Australia to Denver.. damn, a little too far. Hope you can make it down here again some time so I can in fact accept such a generous invite.

    1. Jay says:

      I would love to come back Down Under. All I need is time and money (or a generous sponsor).

      Some day…

  2. Matt H says:

    Jay, I’ll be around and my Thursday evening is open, just let me know when and where.


    1. Jay says:

      We’ll meet at the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Denver at 6 pm this coming Thursday!


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