[travel|writing] Heading home from Colorado amid a weekend of loss

I’m heading home from Colorado today. [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my mom) and I had great fun Friday night watching my aunt (her youngest sister) act in The House of Bernarda Alba. Saturday we all loaded up in my aunt’s car and toured about to Monarch Pass, as well as Salida, CO and various other points. Photoblogging to come, watch this space for more.

I also finished the machine-assisted audio walkthrough of Calamity of So Long a Life. That was a highly beneficial process. I’ll have more to report after I’ve mulled it over a few days, but this will definitely be a critical step in future novel manuscripts.

Finally and most importantly, there is of course the news of the passing away of my dear friend and fellow writer Mark Bourne. It was sudden and unexpected. My deepest condolences to Elizabeth and all his family and friends. This saddens me deeply.

Likewise, I’ve been told (but not yet confirmed) that Kathryn Daugherty passed away yesterday. She was a fan, a friend, and a fellow colon cancer patient. My condolences to James and all her family and friends.

More to come, when time permits.

2 thoughts on “[travel|writing] Heading home from Colorado amid a weekend of loss

  1. Greg says:

    Hey Jay….

    I was checking in to ask you about your opinions of the iPad since I was considering buying one for my extended stay in den hague starting this next wed. and I saw that Mark Bourne had died and I wanted to say that I am so sorry and I hope you are well. I follow his posts maily because of your reference and when I saw his name in the post I was moved to tears ….. its funny now how people I have never met or will ever meet touch our lives in such a deep manner…..

    I want you t knoe my thoughts are with you as they always are when I see your posts early in the am…..

    Ill ask my unimportant question later before I leave WED…

    Man I am so sorry

    I ….

    no words really are appropriate…

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you, Greg.

      (Go ahead and post your question when you get a chance…life does go on.)

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