[personal] Housekeeping post

So, I might not have done one of these, well, ever. Consider this an open question thread as well.

Whose blog is this?

I’m Jay Lake. Dad. Author of ten science fiction and fantasy novels and several hundred short stories. Multiple cancer survivor. Leftie political junkie. World traveler. Technophile. I blog about all these things and more.

What don’t you blog about?

I don’t blog about money details, things that would embarrass my daughter, things that would compromise other people’s privacy, or details about my Day Jobbe. Literally everything else is fair game.

I see Link Salad every day. What’s up with that?

That’s just me making a link dump of the interesting things I see on the Web. I primarily entertaining myself with that, in truth. My first rule of blogging is that if I don’t find it interesting, you’re not likely to either. My second rule of blogging is be consistent.

You have that little squib of personal data at the bottom of each Link Salad. What about that?

That little set of details has evolved over time, but honestly, it’s mostly about public accountability for personal behaviors which I think are important. Also, “WRPA” in reference to my writing time is short for “Writing Related Program Activities”, meaning, things I did in my writing life which didn’t involve producing first draft fiction or revisions. That covers everything from marketing to handling contract issues to writing emails to my agent to preparing for class teaching.

Do you teach? Or come to conventions?

I do both, especially when invited. Lately I’ve been guest teaching about creative writing and commercial careers for my daughter’s eighth grade class. I am making various pro and instructor appearances at conventions and conferences this year, including at least one GoH gig. Feel free to contact me if you want me at your school or event. We’ll see what we can work out.

Where can I buy your books?

I write and publish under my own name, Jay Lake. I can be found at your local independent bookstore, your local chain bookstore, or via Powells.com or bn.com. (Other major online outlets as well.)

I have another question…?

Ask away in comments. Or send me an email if it doesn’t feel like a comments-oriented question.

4 thoughts on “[personal] Housekeeping post

  1. Mike says:

    What are some of the weirdest writing rituals you’ve tried and left behind?

    1. Jay says:

      Oddly, I’ve never been much for the rituals. No lucky hat, no special chair, no writing playlist in iTunes. I just sit down and write…

      1. Mike says:

        That’s definitely the impression I get of your “pro” writing modality. It’s your ten long years of working up to it that I had hoped would harbor skeletal closets. So, you’ve always had the approach “sit and write?” In that case, was there a time when you found it hard to “sit and edit” instead of sitting down to write something new all the time? If so, how in the name of [insert local deity or lack thereof] did you manage to tame yourself?

        1. Jay says:

          Oh, heck, it took me years to learn to “sit and edit”. Honestly, I am still learning. I always want to write something new. I tamed myself mostly by being browbeaten by editors and other writers until I began to listen, and recognize that when I did take that time to sit and edit, it always resulted in a better story. Quality convinced me…

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