[sale] German rights to Endurance

I am pleased to be able to announce that my German publisher, Bastei Lübbe, has acquired the German language rights to Endurance, to go along with last year’s acquisition of Green along with the Mainspringtrilogy. This is via my agent Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

By happy coincidence, today she also sent me the link to the art for the forthcoming German translation of Escapement. The German cover art is gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “[sale] German rights to Endurance

  1. Cora says:

    Congrats on the German sale. Bastei has certainly blessed you with great cover art.

    1. Jay says:

      I’m quite pleased with both those covers. And pretty impressed with my German translator, at least judging by the kinds of queries he sends me.

      1. Cora says:

        I know a couple of literary translators, but this is not a name I’m familiar with.

        Though I’m impressed with literary translators in general. Accurately capturing an author’s style and voice is a very difficult job and unfortunately one that’s abominably paid, compared to what e.g. legal and tech translators earn.

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