[travel|writing] Fly away, little bird

I am in the Omaha airport, getting ready to head home to Portland. Much distracted by putting a wrap on Calamity of So Long a Life today, including the edits oh so helpfully provided by the lovely and talented [info]lizzyshannon. Also a little tight for time, so this here is all the bloggery you’re getting today.

This weekend: busy with some Time Off, as well as Doing Taxes. Sunday or Monday I’ll start in on Their Currents Turn Awry, Sunspin volume two, of which I already have about 60,000 words written.

Meanwhile, the airways beckon. Y’all play nice.

2 thoughts on “[travel|writing] Fly away, little bird

  1. Mr. Lake –

    Hope you enjoyed Omaha. Safe travels back to Portland and all the best on filling out the rest of the future works.
    My wife and I are near Portland in WA and passed through a couple of weeks ago. I was interested in getting a copy of Green signed. Might you have a tour schedule or will you be in any of the upcoming Seattle events?

    I hope you’re well. Thanks for doing what you do.

    Kind regards.


    1. Jay says:

      Hi, Levi –

      Thank you for dropping in to the blog, and I’m very glad you’re enjoying Green. I will be in Seattle this coming week for Norwescon, down at Seatac, from Thursday afternoon through Sunday midday. Including an actual autographing session, though I’d be happy to sign a book at almost any time. I’ll also be at an event at University Books in mid-May. I hope to see you at one of those events.



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