[links] Link salad toddles off to the oncology unit again

Because This Point Cannot Be Made Often Enough — Actually, I thought romance was bigger than that.

The Challenge of Going Vegan

Cadet: We’re Not Sleeping Here, There Are Dead CowsForest Service Considers Blasting Out Dead Cows With Explosives. From the department of real life being much weirder than fiction. (Via [info]danjite.)

The Difference Between UX and UI: Subtleties Explained in Cereal — Hahahah. (Thanks to [info]daviddlevine.)

Buried Treasure: World War II Spitfires To Be Unearthed in Burma — Cool! (Thanks to [info]oldcharliebrown.)

Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest — Ah, Portland.

How Will Humans Fly to the Stars? — Naked?

‘Rogue’ Alien Planets May Circle Billions of Stars — Billions and billions!

Did Einstein’s First Wife Secretly Co-author His 1905 Relativity Paper?

Tupac “hologram” merely pretty cool optical illusion

Sound familiar? MSNBC article about the military getting ready for melting polar cap[The] biggest preparers for global climate change are the military. Those damn hippies. Yep. Because national defense can’t be bogged down in pernicious ideological lies. Once again, the facts are biased against the conservative position.

De-legitimizing Christians outside the evangelical tribe — Even while they bemoan their alleged oppression with self-valorizing congratulations, the Christianists have been winning the media war.

Wealth & Righteousness?Do we [Mormons] really believe that just because one is rich one is blessed by God? Cripes is that a vile and pernicious meme. Thank you, John Calvin. (Via [info]theresamather.)

Catholic Bishop Claims Obama Is ‘Following a Similar Path’ To Hitler — One of the many, many reasons I am an atheist is moronic lunacy like this from the mouths of religious leaders. This isn’t some fringe nutcase with a trailer park chapel, this is a Prince of the Church speaking.

The Democrats’ Duty: Bring the GOP Back from Crazy — Interesting piece from the perspective of the angry left.

If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them? — That’s the problem with history. It rarely matches ideology unless you’ve been able to edit it yourself. Hence Christian “colleges” and the pathetic joke that is Conservapedia. Because the conservative version of reality hardly ever stands up to the facts. (Snurched from Slacktivist.)

Bush was wrong about his tax cuts, even to the nameJust this single piece of Bush’s GOP agenda pushed through in the first term of his presidency — his tax cuts, enacted in 2001 and 2003 — have added more dollars to the nation’s debt and deficit than almost all of the rest of his horrible policy initiatives combined. Remember kids, cutting taxes increases economic growth. Just ask any Republican about how that worked out in the past decade. They’ll proudly tell you that all our economic woes today are Obama’s fault.

?otd: Got tumors?

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3 thoughts on “[links] Link salad toddles off to the oncology unit again

  1. Matt NY says:

    Re: Wealth and Righteousness – Jesus said (in a roundabout way) that rich people go to hell. Since a camel can’t go through the eye of a needle, and they did away with Purgatory, there is only one place he could mean. I guess that has been discarded along with “turn the other cheek” which I haven’t heard anyone republican say in any other way than sarcastically in decades.

  2. About the vegan diet thing, they don’t mention that if you go strict vegan (as compared to the various vegetarianisms), you have to supplement with some vitamins and minerals that aren’t present in the vegetable world that us meat envelopes need to survive. Not to mention that you have to get very smart about protein/amino acid intakes.

  3. Cora says:

    I liked the infographic about the genre market share you linked to, though what surprised me most was that Christian/inspirational literature was the second largest genre behind romance, since I always viewed Christian literature as a niche genre that doesn’t even exist in my country and that I don’t get at all. I also wonder where they file Christian romance novels, under Christian literature or romance?

    But could the article that originally accompanied the infographic have been any more condescending. I thought the whole Fifty Shades of Grey coverage in the mainstream media couldn’t get any worse (Women, mothers even, are reading about – gasp – sex!), but this article really hit a new low. Calling an entire mega-selling genre smut – yeah, that’s classy.

    No offense to you or Andrew Wheeler BTW, since both of you just posted an interesting graphic. But that New York Magazine article really set my teeth on edge.

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