[cancer] Having the port taken out today

I’m off in a couple of hours to the clinic to have my chest port removed, for the second time. It’s a very minor outpatient procedure lasting less than an hour under local anaesthetic only. Which involves a doctor and a nurse digging about in my chest for most of that time, via an entry wound just close enough to my right clavicle that I can’t actually see what they’re doing. Fairly twitchy about that, even though I’ve had this exact procedure before. The last time, I was so nervous that I took two Lorazepam before I went in. By the time I got to the clinic, I could barely walk, I was so looped.

I think I’ll stick to one Lorazepam this time.

Of course, after mentioning last night to [info]mlerules how well I sleep and how consistently I sleep well, I had a terrible night’s sleep. Though I wasn’t consciously worrying about the procedure today, I rather assume that medical stress played its part.

I’ve lunch with a friend from high school today, and I’m due at the Ooligan Press social tonight with [info]lizzyshannon and [info]the_child, otherwise I’d be tempted to pop two Lorazepam, call in a sick day, and sleep off the stress post-procedure.

So, yeah. Yesterday’s no writing was due to schedule whackiness (of the good kind, a nice potluck dinner, among other things) and me wanting a day of brain break between sections of Their Currents Turn Awry. It’s quite possible today will be no writing as well due to me being in a drug-induced haze and medically stressed out. Or not. We shall see.

5 thoughts on “[cancer] Having the port taken out today

  1. pelican says:

    Good luck with the port removal- hope it’s nice and quick.

    Is what you dislike the reminiscent-of-Baron-Harkonnen part about it, or just the can’t-see-it-therefore-not-in-control part?

    Because if it’s just that you can’t see, I bet they’d be up for getting you a mirror and talking you through it … if you talked them into a slice of your liver, you can probably talk them into this. Particularly if there’s a med student or two around who can also benefit from the teaching …

  2. Harald Striepe says:

    Oddly, mine was the most visible scar.
    Alas, I have to go back in later this month. After three years, my abdominal incision is herniating, and will need some major repair. Not pleased, but beats cancer….

    1. Jay says:

      Good luck. Because, yeah, dude…

  3. Jaws says:

    So, will you be reactivating the exotic-cheese port that you had to sacrifice for the one you’ve just had removed?

    1. Jay says:

      Mm. Cheese port.

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