[links] Link salad ties another one to the racks, baby

Aussie Delicacy Vegemite Loses Some of Its Savory Appeal

Path Dependence and the Stupidity of LED Light BulbsWhy are we cramming 21st century technology into a socket designed by Edison? I found this pretty interesting.

The making of modern humansIf some of our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals, are we really modern?

Vesta asteroid is ancient protoplanet

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth — Yeah, because the course of the planet was otherwise going to be controlled by the myths of a long-decayed Mesoamerican civilization.

USB tampon flash drive — For when you never, ever want anyone else to touch your business. (Via David Goldman.)

Can I Trust Those Evil Pharmamancers With My Life?[info]cathshaffer (who knows whereof she speaks) on Big Pharma. Interesting read.

Someone has hacked Google News. Check out this screen shot I took this morning. Look carefully at the cutline beneath the headline, then check out the story. (Or, as Charlie Stross has pointed out, more likely someone has hacked the Seattle Times.)

Missing words from 9-11 tribunal: CIA and “big-boy pants” — Because, um, yeah. I got nothing. Feel safer? (Via [info]danjite.)

Romney Apologizes For Bullying In Prep School, Says He Didn’t Know Victim Was Gay — I can and do say a lot of negative things about Romney, but I’m not sure very many of us could stand up to being accountable as mature adults for what we did in high school. (Via my Aunt M.)

?otd: Hey kids, where are you?

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7 thoughts on “[links] Link salad ties another one to the racks, baby

  1. As someone who was bullied for being wrongly perceived as gay when I was younger… I disagree with the idea that adults oughtn’t be held accountable for the nasty things they do when they are in high school. And his “apology” was a total non-apology. He didn’t deny that he did those things, but he didn’t actually admit to them, either, and he downplayed the severity of what he did by calling them “pranks”. Pranks are jokes friends play on each other. The people he tortured were not his friends, and what he did was not a joke. It was viscious and hurtful.

    His non-apology disgusts me. I already wasn’t going to vote for the man, because I find him pathetically unscrupulous and because I disagree with his policies and because I think Mr. Obama has done a marginally decent job under the circumstances. But I can say that hearing this story has turned me from generally disliking Romney to having something that borders on hatred for the man.

    Yes, we’ve all done things that we’d rather we hadn’t done when we were younger. But as adults, I think it is incumbant upon us to own our past mistakes, and to be genuine and to show that we’ve really learned from and turned away from those errors. Romney has shown that he has not grown from that experience.

    1. Cora says:

      Pinning a fellow student to the ground to forcibly cut his hair goes way beyond a simply prank – that qualifies as assault IMO. Besides, Romney was 18 at the time, i.e. of an age where he should have known better, and not 12 or 14.

      That said, teachers have the responsibility to intervene when they become aware of bullying and to also explain why using “gay” as a slur is not okay. Though speaking as a teacher, stopping the use of “gay” as a slur is an uphill battle. It’s usually no problem stopping racist and sexist slurs in their tracks, but “gay” as a slur is surprisingly difficult to stamp out. Even worse, I strongly suspect that this was imported from the US via music and pop culture, since “gay” wasn’t a common slur when I was a teen.

      1. Agreed: the actual act itself constitutes the legal definition of an assault, and his age at the time makes him an assault. In a just world, then, Romney would have a criminal conviction on his record.

        On the other hand, I do take Romney at his word that he wouldn’t have referred to these individuals as “gay” (by that word) per se. But he clearly understood that they were “effeminate” and he most likely understood that this probably coincided with their having a non-normative sexual attraction. IMO, though, regardless of their sexual preferences, the bullying itself is the issue. Bullying is not bound only by issues of sexual preference, but by all kinds of supposedly non-normative behaviors and innate characteristics.

        1. er… “his age at the time makes him an adult”.

  2. Don says:

    Have to agree with Charlie on the hack. Also looking at the Seattle Times page, I wonder if an exploit was found in their comment widget.

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  3. Tony says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase some Vegemite in Portland, Or.? I love Vegemite and butter on toast.

    1. Jay says:

      The Scottish Shop on SE Powell, at about 16th, has some oddball Commonwealth imports. Call and ask them?

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