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New York’s Last Cross-Harbor Railway Chugs On as Alternative to Trucks

Gesture Controls Get a Huge Boost with New ‘Leap’ Interaction System

Fossil Ink Sacs Yield Jurassic Pigment—A FirstInk “strikingly” similar to that of modern cuttlefish, study says.

Quantum Dots May Be Safe to Use in PatientsThe colorful, glowing crystals could prove to be useful as a surgical aid.

Can mammals outrun climate change?For about 10 percent of species, the answer could be “no.” Of course, they wouldn’t need to if they’d just listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of paying attention to the realities of their environment.

Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate — Stay classy, conservative America. It’s what you do best.

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 4)Christians who oppose equality are losing the argument. That’s why they’re so loud. Slacktivist Fred Clark with an excellent roundup of links about Christianist bigotry and responses to it.

Andrea Mitchell: Romney Has Been Getting A “Free Ride” From The Media — Of course he has. He’s a Republican. Your Liberal Media has for many years been strongly biased in favor of them. Look at the scholarship on the relative incidence of negative stories about George W. Bush and Al Gore during the 2000 election cycle (roughly 4:1 against Gore) for objective confirmation of this. The “liberal media” meme has been one of the most successful political lies in modern history.

?otd: Cascades or Coastals?

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