[food] Foster Burger, Portland, OR

Yesterday, I met a friend at Foster Burger in SE Portland.

Thereupon I ate “the Burner”, featuring sriracha sauce, roasted jalapenos, fried onion straws, shredded lettuce, American & cheddar cheese.

After considering the several varieties of poutine available, we also shared the black and white fries with parmesan, truffle oil, and house made squid ink aioli. I added a side of cole slaw to get some nominal greens into my lunch.

Wow. A taste avalanche.

The burger was pretty good, though I had to resort to knife-and-fork, and couldn’t finish it in any case. Nicely hot. The fries were excellent. My friend and I both found the squid ink aioli a little peculiar, she described it as “muddy tasting”. Not bad, not offensive, but decidedly different.

Still, a delicious, curious lunch, all in all.

The Burner

Black and White Fries

My friend’s Turkey Bomb

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One thought on “[food] Foster Burger, Portland, OR

  1. Amy Kitt says:

    Sadly, squid ink rarely comes through as a satisfactory flavor. At best it’s chalky but inoffensive; at worst it tastes like licking Cthulhu.

    That burger looks delicious, though.

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