[links] Link salad salutes Sergeant Friday

Teh Crazy — J.A. Pitts on ranty, whacky characters.

Survey Shows Growing Strength of E-BooksE-books continued their surge in popularity last year, surpassing hardcover books and paperbacks to become the dominant format for adult fiction in 2011, according to a survey of publishers released Wednesday. (Thanks to my Dad.)

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012 — Wow.

Machiavelli – S.P.Q.F. — A fascinating historical overview. (Snurched from [info]sartorias here.)

Vintage ads for men’s underwear — Heh.

US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals from balloonExperiment in New Mexico will try to establish the possibility of cooling the planet by dispersing sulphate aerosols.

Ideology clouds how we perceive the temperaturesFlooding, drought, remain immune to politics.

14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater, police chief says — Thank god for the NRA, or this man would not have been able to defend his essential liberties. What are your gun rights worth?

Decent Exposure: Guy Who Stripped Naked to Protest TSA Is Found Not Guilty — Ah, Oregon, where nudity is protected speech. I find that a lot more healthy for society than money being protected speech.

Utah GOP Fundraiser Accused Of Raping Women At Cabin Where He Hosted Political Events — Imagine for a moment if the headline was “California Democratic Fundraiser Accused…” We’d never hear the end of the yammering about soulless liberals and immoral atheists. I don’t think for a moment the accused rapist’s alleged assaults were a function of his political views, but I point out that the reverse assumption is constantly and loudly made by conservatives: that liberalism leads to immoral and criminal behavior.

Tony Scalia, Political Partisan, 12 Years On — Ah, Justice Scalia, that model of objective Constitutional jurisprudence. History will not smile on the Supreme Court of the past two decades. Not at all. Something Chief Justice Roberts might actually have finally figured out. But then, it’s his name on the door.

Joe Arpaio’s Birther Obsession Just Keeps Getting Stranger — Because reasons. Hell if I can understand Birtherism as anything but arrant conservative racism.

How The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Canard Went From Right-Wing Blogs To Mitt Romney’s Mouth[A] textbook case of how a distortion can emerge from right-wing online media, get laundered by Fox News, and go mainstream as a major line of attack by the Republican nominee for President. Confidential to Republicans and other low-information types: “Canard” means “lie”.

Erickson Brings Fox’s Bogus Small-Business Attack On Obama To CNN — Your Liberal Media: enabling and sustaining baldfaced conservative lies since pretty much forever.

Mitt Romney speaking French — Remember when one of the GOP criticisms of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was that he “looked French”? Imagine the Right’s reaction to a video of Kerry speaking French. Now witness their reaction to this video. Ah, the marvel of conservative intellectual consistency.

Vengeance Of Bain — Heh heh heh. Batman and Bane and Bain. The really nice thing about being an American conservative today is that it gives you complete freedom to hold completely batshit beliefs and go utterly unhinged while still proudly thinking of yourself as a sane, responsible citizen. Evolution denial was only the beginning. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

?otD: Cup of Joe?

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2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad salutes Sergeant Friday

  1. Matt NY says:

    “US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals from balloon”

    I was going to offer to “bet” how long it would be before the crazies would say it was a sekrit plot by the guvmint to do something nefarious, but after reading the comments, it was apparent it was too late already (comment #2). sigh.

  2. Cora says:

    When I heard about the shootings in Colorado this morning, I immediately thought of the link you posted yesterday where Rush Limbaugh called The Dark Knight Rises a piece of hidden anti-Romney propaganda and wondered whether his latest tirade had somehow set off a crazy gun nut. Of course, it seems that this guy believes he’s the Joker, which is almost as disturbing.

    BTW, is it me or do such shootings happen in Colorado with particular frequency?

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