[links] Link salad sends a message through the receiver

Writing the Other with Fear and Trembling, Try and Caring [info]kenscholes takes on a very contentious topic.

The Bookless Library — Print, e-books and reading. (Thanks to Marta Murvosh.)

Nerd Culture As Suicide Intervention — Ta-Nehisi Coates on how a lot of us rolled as kids and young adults.

Cormorant’s deep underwater dive filmed

This thread in my comments section about candied starfish is hilarious — Especially [info]garyomaha‘s remarks.

‘Stance’ vs. substance: why evangelicals are confused about the actual harm Chik-fil-A is doing to actual people — Fascinating squib from Slacktivist (and liberal Evangelical) Fred Clark.

Flight Diverted for Unattended Camera — Feel safer now?

The Collapse of the Climate Change Contrarians and the End of Coal — Amazing what happens when you introduce actual facts into a public debate, as opposed to ideological preconceptions.

Intelligence Community Agrees to Let Senator Mention It Broke the Law

Republicans Want Off The Hook For Voting For Defense SequesterRepublicans have disavowed the so-called “defense sequester” altogether and handed full responsibility for its existence to President Obama—despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of them voted to implement it last August. Well, if the GOP can successfully blame Obama for the disasters of the Bush administration, why not blame him for their own actions in Congress? It’s a form of consistency, at least.

?otD: Hope for an answer some day?

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  1. Joe says:

    Re: intelligence agency crimes.

    When thousands of people worldwide were infected with the dns changer worm, the fbi arrested the people involved, but also set up their own dns servers to substitute for the ones that the bad guys created. I think that most likely they did this instead of telling people they were infected because they could spy unobstructed for over a year on all those computers.


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