[food|polls] The one true Girl Scout Cookie

What is the one true Girl Scout Cookie?

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15 thoughts on “[food|polls] The one true Girl Scout Cookie

  1. Caias Ward says:

    I prefer a single Thin Mint between two Samoas.

  2. zxhrue says:

    samoas ftw (a samosa is a different kind of snack food btw).

    I would note however that I have been singularly unimpressed with GSC produced in the last decade or more. definitely inferior to those of our youth.

  3. Thanks-a-Lots. That is all.

  4. This is a subject on which I have some special knowledge, as the mother of a four-time Hall of Fame seller (1000+ boxes) and the Cookie Cupboard Manager for three years.

    My own personal favorite wanders between Thin Mints, Samoas (NO interstitial S–it’s supposed to sound like “Some-more.”) and whatever the recent incarnation of a lemon cookie is. But Thin Mints are the hands-down bestseller, making up something like 50% of the cookie sales during a sale.

    There is nothing quite so mind-boggling as having a truck back up to your garage and drop off 3200 boxes of cookies at 7am. They cease to be nummy treats, and become Product.

  5. Matte Lozenge says:

    Voted for Samoas but admit I haven’t tried the newer flavors. Any comments about Thank U Berry Much? (cranberry fudge chip)

    Madeleine, which lemon cookie do you like – Lemonades or Savannah Smiles?

  6. Matte Lozenge says:

    Oh by the way the online Girl Scout poll has Samoas leading with 33%. http://www.girlscoutcookies.org/favorite_cookie.asp

    But from the FAQ the bestsellers break down like this-

    Q: What are the best-selling Girl Scout Cookies?
    A: The biggest sellers are:

    25% Thin Mints®
    19% Samoas®/Caramel deLites®
    13% Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®
    11% Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos®
    9% Shortbread/Trefoils®

    The other varieties combined account for the remaining 23%.

  7. Dratz says:

    THIN mints perpetuate an unrealistic ideal of what cookies should aspire to be according to the corporate/media elite. I bet they even photoshop the boxes. Bite into diversity, bite into a Samosa. Real cookies have curves!

  8. sophielandone says:

    Although my personal favorite is Caramel Delite, I vote for Thin Mints because that is the mental image I’ve always gotten anytime somebody says “Girl Scout Cookie”. You can mess with the flavor mix all you want, but if Thin Mints aren’t there, you’re just selling the supermarket shelves (deviant supermarket, perhaps, but.)

  9. Erin says:

    My personal favorite is the Thin Mint. However, I also usually procure some of the lemon cookies (whatever their name is) and the shortbread for others in the household.

  10. Scott says:

    Trefoils are the One True Girl Scout Cookie.

    Thin Mints are the Girl Scout Cookie that we most treasured in my youth.

  11. I was a great fan of what I believe were called All-Abouts; this was an oval shortbread cookie akin to a Keebler Fudge Stripe, with the fudge undercoating and — more significantly — molded-in words on top reflecting various Scout virtues. First, I liked the cookies; second, I liked the concept of promoting the ideals via cookie-casting.

    And then there’s the question my father used to ask of the cookie sellers (before he acquired a granddaughter who became a Girl Scout), to which someone on the ‘Net has inevitably supplied the answer.

  12. Izzy says:

    I prefer the “Thanks-A-Lot” which the Wisconsin troops sold but Illinois troops have never heard of. It’s bizarre and I never found out the reason why.

    “A shortbread cookie with a layer of fudge on the bottom and the words “Thank you” in English, French, Chinese, Swahili, or Spanish embossed on top. Thanks-A-LotTM have been made by ABC Bakers since 2006; they come in a turquoise box.”

  13. Brian says:

    Bring back the REAL lemon coolers. Recent imitations just don’t stand up!

    Also anything with coconut is anathema!

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