[personal|travel] Forthcoming forthcomingness

Once chemo starts, I’ll be almost completely grounded. There may be one or two quick business trips in the early phases, and I might manage to pop up to Seattle, time and occasion permitting, but I’ll pretty much be home in Portland full time from September 14th through about next May.

Apparently in an effort to make up for this in advance, I am very busy now.

I fly home from Omaha tomorrow. I’ll spend time with Jersey Girl in Portland tomorrow afternoon and evening. I have brunch Sunday morning with another friend, a movie date with Team E— Sunday afternoon, and I’m trying for Trek in the Park Sunday evening with Ellen Eades, [info]davidlevine and some other folks. Monday I have workie bits, an eye appointment, the rescheduled Skiffy and Fanty interview, and a dinner date with an out of town friend. Tuesday I have workie bits, a therapy appointment, am spending some time with [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my mom), and then picking [info]the_child up at the train station on her return from her Seattle sojourn. At the crack of dawn Wednesday, I’m off to Chicago for Worldcon, from there to Baltimore for the Johns Hopkins second opinion consult (and Lisa Costello), then home for port implant surgery and chemotherapy.

I guess I’m getting all my busy done in advance.

Also, if you’re hoping to see me in Chicago, be aware that all of my Worldcon mealtimes have been booked. I still have some bar time/meet for coffee availability.

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  1. stevie says:


    ‘Very busy’ is something of an understatement and I hope you enjoy every moment of it!

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