[books] Foreign covers of my books

Got a package from my agent yesterday. The Russian edition of Green, and the German edition of Escapement were lodged therein.

I still think foreign covers are sooooo cool.



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3 thoughts on “[books] Foreign covers of my books

  1. A naive question, perhaps, but why don’t the foreign editions use the same artwork?

  2. Cora says:

    Lovely covers. I like what Bastei has done with the Mainspring trilogy.

    Also, yeah, the WordPress blog is back and up to date again.

    Gerry, sometimes it’s an issue of national tastes being different (though I believe that the original Mainspring covers would have worked in Germany), sometimes it’s a licensing issue, sometimes the publishing house simply prefers another look.

  3. Cheers COra – so the simple answer is: sometimes it has to be different, other times it is a matter of publisher judgement

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