[contests] Kalimpura caption contest

Advance Reading Copies copies of Kalimpura (a/k/a Green book 3) have arrived. We all know what that means — a giveaway via caption contest! So I hereby declare another one of those suckers, based on a photo from this chemo weekend. Your challenge is to write a caption that answers the question “Why is Jay wearing a bank robber mask, Ray-bans and pearls?”

First prize will be a personalized, signed copy of the Kalimpura ARC, as well as the Green and Kalimpura trade paperbacks. Additional prizes to be awarded at my discretion. Usual rules apply. I’ll collect captions in comments here (at both jlake.com and jaylake.livejournal.com) until I get bored with it, then build a voting poll. Please try to limit the length of your entries or they may become truncated in the poll code.


Jay masked and pearled, © 2012, Emily Siskin. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

16 thoughts on “[contests] Kalimpura caption contest

  1. emeraldcite says:

    Gremlins 3: The Test Batch

  2. Chris says:

    “I wear my sunglasses at night so I can watch you weave then breathe your story lines.”

    “Behind my dark glasses there’s a man who has a point of view.”

    (Wondering who would more likely take his time to actually read your books, Corey Hart or Nik Kershaw.)

    “An die Kette gelegt, sieht Jay schwarz. Lässt sich jedoch den Mund nicht verbieten.”

    (“Chained, the worlds looks bleak to Jay. Boldly fights off attempts to silence him.”)

  3. J.R. Murdock says:

    Not content with Google Glasses, Jay went for the Google Bodysuit.

  4. R. Mike says:

    Jay awoke from his dream of Lisa Simpson cos-playing Green, and wondered why exactly he had a bag of jewelry and a broken ATM in his house.

  5. I am a walrus, coo-coo-ca-choo

  6. Greg says:

    In a surprise change of career Jay auditions for the role of cousin IT in the Broadway production of the Adams Family…

  7. emeraldcite says:

    Fifty Shades of Jay.

  8. Joy says:

    El gringo luchador: Asesino Mostacho!

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