[cancer] We go forward

I heard from my medical oncologist yesterday about the Tumor Board meeting from last Thursday. My surgical oncologist is proceeding with the surgery as planned on January 22nd, but will probably be using radiofrequency ablation in lieu of surgical excision for some of my tumor sites. This is due to the disparate locations of my three established tumors and my one apparent new tumor.

I’ll meet with the surgical oncologist this coming Wednesday to review the surgical plan. I don’t expect to hear more before then, and I don’t expect to know much more until after the surgery when we can conclusively establish whether Ashcroft is real or not. It seems about 90% likely that this fourth tumor is.

Next steps post-operatively will be decided between me and my medical oncologist based on what is discovered during surgery. Once we have the tumor genome sequencing results back and properly interpreted, that may cause another redirection of treatment.

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  1. Best wishes with all this. At least there does still seem to be a direction identifiable as “forward”.

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