[food|publishing] The archive party

Yesterday we had an archive party. Friends came over to help prep and box the bulk of my paper archives for Lynne Thomas, the curator of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University. This seemed like a good time for food, as well.

Lisa Costello was here, along with Jersey Girl in Portland. Team E— came, as did two other friends. ([info]the_child was off seeing Swan Lake with her mother.) Jersey Girl made bacon explosion, which we supplemented with a cheese board, a salad, and brownies thoughtfully supplied by [info]the_child.

The appetizers

The base of the bacon explosion

Putting down the sausage layer

The complete bacon-sausage roll

The foil comes off before the bacon is finished out

After we ate all that, we played Cards Against Humanity for the better part of an hour, then headed down to the basement for the packing, measuring and weighing.

Packing the archives

We packed, measured and weighed 311 pounds of material to be shipped. As someone pointed out, I got started on my career before most of the editorial side of publishing went digital. I had a footlocker full of rejection letters, and boxes of critiqued and copy edited manuscripts. If I were to get started on a career today, about the only paper ephemera that would exist would be contracts, and even many of those are electronic.

To that end, I am also providing Lynne and NIU with the electronic side of my files. That, however, fits on a portable USB hard drive about the size of a deck of cards. Ah, progress.

At any rate, it’s good to be fully engaged with Lynne and NIU. It’s good to have those eleven boxes out of the house (and my footlocker emptied). It’s good to have taken care of one more darned thing as I journey further along the arc of my cancer.

Photos © 2013, Lisa Costello and Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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