[travel|cancer] Home, chemo, busy

Due to high winds in Orlando yesterday, the aircraft for my flight to Dallas was an hour late getting in. They boarded us, taxied out onto the runway for takeoff, then got caught in a 50+ mph squall that shook the plane hard where it sat on the ground and made the world outside about as visible as a murky aquarium. We sat on the runway almost another forty-five minutes. This caused me to miss my connecting flight from Dallas to Portland. This is turn caused me to take a flight four hours later, which was itself running late due to unusual jet stream activity.

Lisa Costello and [info]the_child met me at the airport. We didn’t get back to the house until almost 1 am. Today is a workday, which normally starts at 6 am for me. You do the math. Plus I have chemotherapy this afternoon.

I predict no writing will happen today, and I also observe I woke up exhausted, which will probably prove to have been my high point. I’d better be in shape tomorrow given that I’ve got the Writers Digest online course and the cancer lecture at Nerd Nite.

Meanwhile, Day Jobbery beckons.

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