[writing] Juvenilia

More or less literally juvenilia, in this case. In the various excavations of my basement, some very old manuscripts have turned up. I don’t have time to re-key them, but I have scanned a few things to .pdf for your delectation. Some of the scans are a little hard to read, but this is a problem with the source material more than with the scanning process.

Untitled high school poetry — Overwrought and anguished with the desperate importance that informed the world for me in my teen years. Probably 1980.

Untitled SF short — Something from about 1980 that is inexplicable to me now.

Untitled SF short — Something from about 1981 that is also inexplicable to me now.

Hempkill” — This is the first real short I have any recollection of writing. It was a class assignment my senior year in high school, dated June, 1982.

Canyon Dam Narrative — Apparently I wanted to be a blogger even in 1983. A narrative of my near-drowning in a boating accident.


9 thoughts on “[writing] Juvenilia

  1. Ellen Eades says:

    Wow, I love the canyon dam one, even if I have no idea what all the sailing terms mean! The scrotum line?! Great stuff.

  2. Karen Miraz says:

    Hi Jay. I would like to offer to type up your old manuscripts, if you so desire. Let me know if that is something you would like. I offer to do this free of charge in the interest that, someday, I might enjoy the benefits of vJay.


  3. Nancy says:

    You are so brave for posting these.

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