[personal|writing] Being busy

I am busy these days. Working under a mortal deadline is wonderfully clarifying to the mind. Even if I am wrong about the immediate future, I am not wrong about the general trend of my disease, so the things I am trying to do right now apply regardless.

As mentioned recently, I have temporarily suspended work on Original Destiny, Manifest Sin to grod around closely inside of METAtropolis: Green Space. In the past three or four days I have done a close read on stories by Karl Schroeder and Elizabeth Bear. Today I’ll dive back into Ken Scholes‘ story. Editorial work is very different from writing a first draft, but they come out of the same general space in my brain. Each has its joys. I’m committing a minimum of one hour per day to this task.

There is also an ongoing project to simplify the holdings here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. Hence the recent Basement Party, and future such in late May and through June, most likely. I have committed at least half an hour per day (though yesterday it wound up being more like two hours) to advancing that ball. Lately that has been a lot of sorting through receipts, files and paperwork to determine what needs to kept for tax purposes, and what can be disposed of. Also, walking through my large and essentially random pile of CDs, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs to make sure whatever is on them has been captured either into iTunes or into my photo files as appropriate. Later there will be larger scale decisions about the disposition of books, clothing, furniture, art, et cetera. I’d rather I do these things now than someone else have to puzzle through them after I’m gone.

Plus Day Jobbery, parenting, relationship time with Lisa Costello, keeping up with friends and family, forthcoming travel, and so forth. So, yes, I am being busy.

16 thoughts on “[personal|writing] Being busy

  1. Jan says:

    We love you, Jay…
    Jan and Dave in Sunny OZ

  2. Meran says:

    If I’m not misunderstanding the phrase “simplify the holdings”, and you want to sell it, I’d like to offer to buy the Titan game you have for my James. Itd make a great birthday present for him. Also, are you selling any of your books? This bibliophile could round out her collection of your titles 🙂

    1. Jay says:

      Certainly, the Titan is yours. I am going to be spinning off most of my reading library, but haven’t yet pulled out things for the archive or the Child. I shall let you know when I do.

      1. Meran says:

        thanks Jay!
        I remember your reading library and I know I was making recommendations for you.. I prob have most of those. I was speaking of YOUR work that you want to let go of. I know I have less than half of your books 😉

        1. Jay says:

          Ah, well, that too.

  3. Meran says:

    I know it’s kind of late, but if I can help somehow, please call on me. I have worked in a library (though it’s been many years), and I’m very good at organization, especially of the Beloved Book. (My own library is over 7000, and is entered into a Mac based library app.)

    I know you have many who have volunteered; my talents may fit a needed space.

    I’m very sorry for the necessity of what you’re having to do. We all have to face it eventually, but earlier than we would like to accept it is, well, unacceptable. (Obviously, I’m not a writer.. at least a good one 😉 )

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you, Meran. We will have quite a bit to do going forward, both on books and on personal property, so I will probably need the help.

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