[photos] Minerals and beads

Yesterday, in the company of the delightful Diana Rowland, I visited Mama’s Minerals prior to my departure from Albuquerque. I procured a souvenir or two, then wandered the store while Diana shopped more intensively. One of my photographic loves is the intersection of texture and color. I’ve spent many happy hours at farmers’ markets shooting vegetables, or jn fabric stores taking pictures of colors and textures. Here, I soon realized, were beads and minerals of all descriptions. All I had with me was my iPhone 5, so these photos are within the limitations of that device.


Photos © 2013, Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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15 thoughts on “[photos] Minerals and beads

  1. Simone Cooper says:

    These are awesome 🙂 Local ceramic artist Brad Mildrexler might interest you–or anyone who is a color-texture-scale person 😀 I saw his show, Megaliths and Monoliths, at Eutectic Gallery this past month, and found it really engrossing. Unfortunately the photographs don’t do it justice, as in person all the textural elements really stand out. You want to touch them and peer into them. The show _just_ ended, but if it reappears, or if his pieces go on display any place else in Portland (Eutectic Gallery would probably know), you might want to check him out.


  2. Cora says:

    Gorgeous. I’d love to browse there.

  3. Dirt says:

    Love these photos. Reminds me of my geology days. I love rocks!

  4. employeeze says:

    Have you been to Shipwreck beads up in Lacey?!!! I spent wayyyy too much money there a few weeks ago.

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