[links] Link salad doesn’t know you from the wind

The Little League World Series’ Only Perfect GameIn 1957, Mexico’s scrawny players overcame the odds to become the first foreign team to win the Little League World Series. (Thanks to [info]threeoutside.)

Son and Heir? In Britain, Daughters Cry No Fair — It’s kind of hard to know what to think about this.

Full moon at McMurdo station — Wow. Just wow. (Via [info]danjite.)

The hidden cost of terrorism: U.S. smoking After the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, a million former U.S. smokers took up the habit again and kept puffing for at least two years, a researcher says. Really? (Via David Goldman.)

Chris Kluwe: Here’s what’s wrong with Ayn Rand, libertarians A world full of Ayn Rands would be a terrifyingly selfish place, writes the outspoken NFL star in his new book.

Greg Mankiw and the Gatsby Curve — Paul Krugman on Greg Mankiw’s blindly idiotic and self-serving defense of extreme economic privilege.

Church without God – by design — Atheist services. Huh. (Via Dad.)

God’s Own Law — Steve Buchheit on Biblical laws and our allegedly Christian nation.

Obama to reveal “plan to prep for the impacts of climate change” on TuesdayHe’ll make due on his inaugural address by sharing how the US can “lead global efforts.” Oh, those liberal lies, based on mere “facts” and “data” when there’s good conservative ideology out there to sustain the happily counterfactual and willfully ignorant.

QotD?: Will you ever? Did you ever?

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3 thoughts on “[links] Link salad doesn’t know you from the wind

  1. Cora says:

    “Oldest son inherits everything” is still an issue even in countries like Germany where primogeniture has been abolished. For example, farms or companies still go to the oldest son, though there are some protections in place now so other children won’t be left destitute. This was not always the case in the past. One of my neighbours is an old lady living on a tiny pension, while her younger brother inherited the parental farm, sold it off for a big profit and is now living it up.

    As for the atheist church services, I don’t get it at all. Even when I was still a church member, I have never found church services and congregations particularly enjoyable. Getting away from all that was one of the big appeals of leaving religion behind.

  2. homa_bird says:

    Lots of liberal vs conservative, democrat vs republican climate change craziness in your posts… Not a partisan issue at all imo. That horse left the barn a looong time ago.

    Consider a way more complex story at work here. Geoengineering (stratospheric aerosol engineering) is one of the most massive and far reaching global projects in history, has been going on for years. Feed back loops, die offs, extreme climate changes are directly attributable to the fx of this horrific global project.

    It’s not conservatives, liberals, people taking a too long bath, jackin up the thermostat or driving SUV’s that’s the cause (but they need us to think it is) it’s way above the heads of any citizen action or elected politician’s vote here in our name-only democracy. Climate change is the result of a massive geoengineering project directed by the global military industrial complex, funded by the World Bank. Follow the money. Cap and trade, carbon taxes etc etc etc. where does it all go? Weaponized weather, weather for profit, manipulation of crops, it’s a huge elephant in the room.


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