[events|travel] In Seattle for the Locus Awards

Yesterday was a good day, mostly. Lisa Costello and I laid low in the morning. We then had a very nice lunch with [info]mikigarrison, before visiting with Sonia Lyris that afternoon. Then we were off to the Clarion West Party which was hosted at the Locus Awards venue. We saw a bunch of people there, far too many to name, but it was good to see and be seen.

Back there this morning for breakfast with Janet Freeman-Daily. Then it will be the Locus Awards fun, including the actual awards ceremony. Dinner tonight with J.A. Pitts, and Greg and Astrid Bear.

So it will be a good day today as well. Tomorrow we’re having a working breakfast with John again, doing some literary estate planning, then back home to Portland.

10 thoughts on “[events|travel] In Seattle for the Locus Awards

  1. Tyson says:

    Will you be making any appearances while you are here in town?

    1. Jay Lake says:

      Just being at the Locus Awards today. There is a public book signing here this afternoon.

      1. Tyson says:

        I’d be interested in that. Can you give me details on where it is.

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