[cancer] Last day of this series of Regorafenib

This morning I took my last dose of Regorafenib for this series. That makes six weeks out of the past seven that I’ve been on this rather drastic medication.

We’re heading into my off week, which is convenient as [info]the_child and I are away to San Diego Comic Con on Tuesday.

I restart the Regorafenib series a week from tomorrow, the same day we have the followup CT scan. Given what the CEA levels are leading us to expect from the scan, I will be utterly unsurprised to go right back off the drug permanently at that point.

Meanwhile, my feet hurt like hell.

17 thoughts on “[cancer] Last day of this series of Regorafenib

  1. Ilsa says:

    Enjoy Comic Con and the time with your daughter, bad feet and all.

    1. Claudia says:

      So sorry about the way things are going for you, but very glad you and your daughter will have this experience of Comic Con together.

      I’m afraid that were I you, I’d be sorely tempted to postpone any restart of the Regorafenib until after the consult that week with your doctor. I hated to see the post about your CEA levels – if anyone deserved to catch a break even at this point, I think it would be you!

      1. Jay Sheckley says:

        This is what I was thinking, Claudia… Unless Jay can’t reach your doctor about rescheduling?? Frm what I grokked f what i read, Regorafenib was maybe never worth it? Maybe it’s just too son to think abut that. Love to all.

  2. Stevie says:

    I hope you and your daughter have a great time at Comic Con and that the feet are not too horrendous; if all else fails maybe someone could transform a wheelchair into a smallish battle chariot.
    I’ve been out of serious costuming for too long to be able to give you current names but
    there’s a lot of people at Comic Con with those sorts of skills, and a battle chariot would definitely be just right for you! With suitably blunted weapons, of course…

  3. Rochelle Uhlenkott says:

    Hi Jay”. I hope you and your daughter hae a wonderful time at comic on. I will be there Friday, and Kenn will be there Friday thru Sunday. Maybe we’ll see you through the crowds in passing.


    1. Jay says:

      I hope we see you!

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