[personal] JayWake, the day after

I’m pleased, tired, and finally home from JayWake. My thanks to everyone, over and over.

I have yet to collect my thoughts, but Ruth Nestvold did a pretty good report.

There is one important thing I learned yesterday. Coffins are hot and dark on the inside.

More to come. And thank you, so much, to all who came or supported or sent good wishes.

48 thoughts on “[personal] JayWake, the day after

  1. gustovcarl says:

    I think that coffins are only hot if you’re still living. Probably still dark, though.

  2. I wish I’d remembered more details, but I was laughing and crying too much for taking notes. At least you have your ongoing documentary. 🙂

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you for being there.

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