[personal] Yesterday…

Yesterday was both very wonderful and very difficult. We attended a wedding which was very dear to my heart. Everything there came off perfectly — weather, setting, people, ceremony. That was followed by a very difficult afternoon for reasons unconnected to the wedding. In the end, all was resolved, but some days are definitely better than others.

Overnight I had dreams of abandonment. I was living in a tiny apartment and working as paid convention staff somewhere. Everyone I knew, everyone I loved, was gone, and I was still dying of cancer. I woke up on the verge of both tears and depression.

Today I am behind on my packing. As in, not started. Ahem. But I’m not going to the airport for another nine hours, and all I have to do is settle two billing disputes, see my therapist, go to the post office, and pack for fifteen days overseas. All of it at half speed, because I neither move nor think fast anymore. Nonetheless, all will be well, I am certain of it.

So, yeah, cracking I get.

22 thoughts on “[personal] Yesterday…

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    I hope you and the child and whoever else you’re traveling with have a wonderful time. Have a lamb meat pie for me!

  2. Rachel Sinclair says:

    I hope you let someone else do your packing. Have a fabulous time on your trip and I wish you the best of airline karma.

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