[cancer] Field notes from Cancerland, eclectic edition

Side Effects

I continue tracking side effects. I now monitor blood pressure daily, as my friend Regorafenib drives that up. I have a nifty iPhone app that records BP, pulse and weight. I’m looking for a poop tracker as well, just haven’t yet sat down and focused on this. We’ve got the overnight sleep issues under control with the combination of Trazodone and Lorazepam, though daytime fatigue and napping needs continued. We’re dealing with unexplained gradual weight loss. (Well, actually its unexplained gradual reduction of food intake, so the weight loss per se is perfectly explicable.) The feet as always trouble me, and my GI has gone back into horrible overdrive.

Financial and Legal Planning

This is going pretty well. We’ve got budgets going forward for me both pre- and post-mortem, and the long-term estate plan in place to provide for [info]the_child and her mother after I pass. My ongoing survival makes planning a little more complex, but there you go. I could have worse problems. I’ve also been consulting with counsel about the intersection between intellectual property income and disability income. We seem to have a plan there as well, but are awaiting some confirmation of the legal opinions rendered thus far. Soon most of this will be off my plate except for some ongoing management and reporting requirements.

Writing and Publishing

I continue to not write. I expect this state of affairs to last the rest of my life, as whenever the current medication fails and I go off it, that will not signal a return to health and full cognitive capacity, but rather an entry to my period of terminal decline. We might yet get lucky with a study drug, but I would be beyond amazed if any other core cancer fighting drug left my brain any more clear than the last five treatment rounds have.

Publishing, on the other hand, is going swimmingly. Several fun and interesting things are happening, and wait to be announced. Some big, some small, some just right. Watch this space for details. Let’s just say I’m happy with the progress.


Thanks to the generosity of Unnamed Benefactors, both Lisa Costello and I will be at World Fantasy Convention in Brighton next month. I am flying over a week early, and hope to spend a day or two in Paris, otherwise be in London. If you’re a European friend or fan who’d like to see me, watch for announcements about exactly when and where I can be found. Plus at the convention, of course, with Lisa.


In news about which I am inordinately pleased, I will be a french fry tester today for a small regional restaurant chain. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about this, so I may or may not report more after the fact. But for some reason, this seriously tickles my fancy.

Mmmm. French fries.

17 thoughts on “[cancer] Field notes from Cancerland, eclectic edition

  1. dave says:

    LOve you writting. Saw this on the BBC and thought you might want to take a read about commonly used blood pressure drug could help fight the type of cancer you ve got by opening up blood vessels in solid tumours. As I said I love reading the world you created. One of my top authors. One whom doesnt just publish what is selling , eg woman heroes, add in werewolf and vipires etc.

  2. Will W says:

    Awesome to hear you’ll be going to WFC after all. Hope you have a great time.

  3. Stevie says:

    You are going to be in London! This is great news; if you and Lisa would like a guided tour of the Barbican and the environs I would be very happy to oblige. Even if you are not into brutalist architecture there are parts of the Roman/Medieval wall in the private gardens, and it’s close to the Guildhall which has not only superb medieval structures but also the excavated remnants of the Roman ampitheatre below it. And then there’s the London Museum, which is worth going into, and St Paul’s, which probably isn’t…

    1. Jay says:

      I would love to see London in the company of someone knowledgable. However, my mobility impairments make a lot of things impractical. I’ve almost got my itinerary settled, will ping you when I do.

      1. Stevie says:

        Jay, de nada; now that I’m on supplemental oxygen I’m pretty careful about working with my own mobility problems, so factoring in yours is doable. I’m not sure what ping is but you have my email 🙂

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