[art] Steampunk pirate me

Portland area artist Nat Iwata is working on a Kickstarter to produce a deck of Steampunk Pirate Bicycle Deck. Through the good offices of Evelyn Kriete, I have been included as the Jack of Hearts.

Jay Lake as Jack of Hearts (c) 2013 Nat Iwata

Personally, I think this is a seriously awesome portrait of me. I am beyond thrilled. Yesterday, [info]elisem and I got to meet Nat in person. He is every bit as charming as he is talented.

If you like this card, or the idea, consider contributing to Nat’s Kickstarter. Me, I’m getting some prints of this card art. Too cool for words.

And when I get my deck, as Evelyn said, I can play with myself in public.

I am so thrilled.

54 thoughts on “[art] Steampunk pirate me

  1. Very nice! And I think there’s a song that goes along with that ….

    All the best,

  2. This is awesomeness at its finest…..

  3. Emma Bull says:

    Great thundering blazes, that’s magnificent!

  4. Well, damn. I guess I missed my chance to be the Jack of Clubs. Considering I am ‘Jack’…

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