[food] My brief career as a French fry tester

Yesterday, I participated in a French fry test for Burgerville. This is a small area burger chain that specializes in whole, fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Jay Lake, French fry tester

They sat me down with three small baskets of fries and a bottle of water as a palate cleanser. A laptop displayed a 14-point survey that required me to rate the fries on appearance, taste, texture and so forth. As you can see from the photo, this was serious business. Afterwards, I did a roughly fifteen minute interview with a Burgerville store manager.

Really, it was both pretty fun and pretty funny. Plus French fries. What’s not to like?

Photo © 2013 Elise Matthesen, reproduced with permission.

18 thoughts on “[food] My brief career as a French fry tester

  1. Ilsa says:

    Yes, but did you like them?

  2. Ilsa says:

    And did you try them with various condiments? Say, checking out how they stack up with malt vinegar versus mayo or ketchup? This is serious stuff, like you said.

  3. Laurie Mann says:

    Could you actually tell the difference between the baskets, or were they the same kind of fries but with varying amounts of salt?

    1. Elise Matthesen says:

      Dunno about Jay, but the ones I tested were quite different in ways that went beyond salt. It was interesting.

  4. I bet the ones on your left were the tastiest. I’m just sayin’… omnomnom!

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