[personal|travel] Away to the coast

Lisa Costello and I are running away to the Oregon coast this weekend so she can have some proactive decompression before we head to Maryland next week to deal with her family emergency. She’s been pretty emotionally distressed for obvious reasons, and I seem to have become more physically fragile just lately. We can both use the break.

Blogging may be intermittent as we will be focused mostly on each other and on laying low.

Whatever you’re doing, enjoy your weekend as well.

3 thoughts on “[personal|travel] Away to the coast

  1. Cora says:

    Enjoy yourselves!

  2. homa_bird says:

    Hey Jay, I’ve been back from the Camino for a week (500 mile walk), and have been rereading your entire cancer journey from 2008…for hours and hours, every post.

    Here’s the deal: I think we must lose all that we treasure, all that we are attached to, so we can find the one thing that can never be lost.

    I think you might be very close to that.

    Also, one like you who gets put on this path, in such a dramatic and relentless manner, is actually most honored, trusted, blessed (by the universe, by Ghu, by the clockwork, by Baba, by God, by the ancient trees, whatever you want to call it.)

    Your soul is making ginormous strides this time around.

    So priceless, so interesting, the cumulative legacy you are leaving. Thank you.

    Good luck to you and Radiant Lisa on your challenging trip back east. Rock on.

    Much love.

    1. Jay says:

      Hi. Welcome back. Did you get my recent email?

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