[personal] Flying home this morning, a troubling and busy weekend

We’re flying back to Oregon this morning. We’re having a family part for my agent tonight. My CT is tomorrow morning (and Lisa Costello has a medical appointment as well), then I’m a special guest at Orycon over the weekend, and I have my oncology followup on Monday. Tuesday we hop right back out here to the East Coast to (hopefully) wrap up the key in-person bits of family business.

I’m pretty worried about today’s flight. I took so much Imodium and Lomotil yesterday that I made myself nauseous. My GI never really stopped, even with about 3 days worth of dosage between 10 am and 8 pm. I’ve already started dosing myself this morning. There are too many periods of time during air travel where I simply cannot access a restroom. Even if I get through today with no major difficulty, I’ll spend the weekend being pretty miserable as my body tries to clear the drugs.

So yeah, GI misery and existential terror are terrific combination. Woo hoo.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Flying home this morning, a troubling and busy weekend

  1. pelican says:

    I hope your travel is as easy as possible under such unpleasant circumstances!

  2. Alphonso Bedoya says:

    Speaking as the voice of semi-anonymous Internet wisdom: “Don’t go back to the East Coast. It’s not worth the risks.”

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