[personal] Giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving here in the United States. For the rest of you, I suppose it’s just Thursday. But whether it’s Thursday or Thanksgiving, this is as good a day as any for giving thanks.

I am thankful to my parents and my family for bringing me into this world and setting me on a path in life which has been more than satisfactory.

I am thankful for [info]the_child, who is the light of my life and the devilment of days, as it should be with children.

I am thankful for Lisa Costello for joining me in the last days of my life, and sharing love in a time which can be profoundly unloveable.

I am thankful for all the people who love me, and all the people I love. Friends, family, lovers, colleagues, the tribe here in Portland, Ken and John, my postal clerks, the guys at the Lamp and the whole team at Brooklyn Pharmacy — all you people who keep an eye out for me and check up on me and help me in ways ranging from tiny to life changing.

I am thankful for the publishing career I’ve had. I did not achieve even a fraction of my overweening ambitions, but I think if I had done so I’d be a smaller person than I am. One should always aspire to more. In any event, I have achieved so very much more than any rational hope would ever have dared, and for that I am very grateful to my mentors, my fellow writers, my agent and editors and publishers, my readers, critics and fans.

I am thankful for the life I still have, despite the terrible disease which haunts my body every day. I fully expect this to be the last Thanksgiving I ever celebrate, but it is also the sixth Thanksgiving since my cancer first came upon me. I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses, NPs, MAs, technicians, researchers, clinic staffers, and medically-inclined friends who have conspired to keep me alive even this long.

I am thankful to be here, and I am thankful you are here too.

Happy Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “[personal] Giving thanks

  1. Albatross says:

    I’m thankful for the mad serendipity through which my life periodically passes, a phenomenon that has allowed me to meet Tom Baker, get run over by the Queen Mother of England, and cross paths with you when that seemed unlikely to ever happen. I can offer you no wisdom, guidance, or comfort, only respect and appreciation for your art, craft, and courage.

  2. homa_bird says:

    I am thankful for the two years I had with my beautiful grandson, I am even thankful for these last days with him, though it is hard beyond imagination (may no one ever ever ever have to watch a child die a slow and agonizing death, and may this be over quickly and peacefully) I am grateful for this place you have created, Jay, where I can share this, because you have shared so much. Very grateful for you, Jay, your blog has helped me through this past year, illuminating, broadening and comforting me.

  3. Laurie Mann says:

    I hope you have a particularly celebratory day today!

  4. Stevie says:


    That is beautiful; thank you!

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