[cancer] Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so close at hand

Yesterday was a difficult day. It began with early morning phone calls to the NIH in Maryland, and ran all day in a tight chain of events, almost everything behind schedule (my oncologist was an hour late), each missed time slot impacting the next. Appointments, meetings, consultations. Many of them with frustrating outcomes. The kind of day with a lot of irritating and difficult moments, and no time between to recover and process what happened before proceeding to the next.

On the plus side, [info]mlerules got me to a nice dinner with Lisa Costello at Podnah’s Pit BBQ, followed by a nice soak for the three of us in the spa at Common Ground Wellness Center.

This, of course, following Monday’s travel madness, and a Tuesday just as filled with appointments and frustrations. I had higher hopes for today, but so far today’s pretty much following the template for the week.

This whole disability thing? I’m busier and more stressed than I was when I was working full time. How the hell does that even happen?