[personal|tech] More on why I am done with LiveJournal

Yesterday, I got the world’s most useless LiveJournal error message.

2013-12-29 LiveJournal Error Message

I explained my views on it here.

[info]agent_mimi dug up a pretty convincing explanation, which they posted in comments, including links here and here

In response to another user’s complaint about this issue, LiveJournal’s Community Care team says:

The error you received was the correct error message for when this problem occurs. I am sorry it is not more descriptive, but that is by design in this particular case: we prefer legitimate users write in to us to receive information about the specific blocked site, rather than informing potential spammers exactly what the problem is (which also informs them how to get around it).

In other words, LiveJournal is now maintaining a secret spam blocking list, which forces a generic error message on any post that includes a link from a site on their secret list. A list which you can neither precheck nor get an informative error message on.

That means that when I post Link Salad, with a dozen, a score or more links in it, if one of them is on LiveJournal’s secret list, my only choices are to open a support ticket and eventually find out which link it is I cannot post, or go through deleting links one by one until I empirically discover the blocked link.

Meanwhile, as I learned yesterday, trying to repeatedly edit a post with a blocked link causes LiveJournal to go into some kind of time out mode, which makes the empirical method bloody useless.

Given that a quarter to a third of all my posts are link aggregations, this is an impossible problem for me. So, yeah, I’m done with LiveJournal. I have opened a support ticket to see if they have a different view of the problem since it was reported at the link above, but I’m not optimistic.

Still working on how, if there is any way possible, to find either a stable WP-LJ cross poster (every one I have ever used in the past has failed within 60 days due to LJ’s frequent unannounced and undocumented changes to APIs and server configurations) or a way to get my WordPress RSS feed into my [info]jaylake journal. But yeah, I don’t have time for this. Note there is an existing RSS feed under another handle, [info]feedjaylake, if this is useful to you.

8 thoughts on “[personal|tech] More on why I am done with LiveJournal

  1. Gillian B says:

    Out of sheer and utter bloodymindedness, I’m going to grab that Link Salad and try and work out which one it was…

    1. Gillian B says:

      Got it.


      But only with those additions. If you put in just http://visual.ly/perspective-time, which works as a link, it’s fine.

      Very interesting…

      1. Jay says:

        Thank you. I do not have the time or patience to go through that process any day that LJ decides to block me…

        1. Gillian B says:

          Quite understandable. At least now I have a clue for if I get blocked.

  2. Lisa Deutsch Harrigan says:

    Although I can follow you through LJ and enjoy when I run into your posts there. I also follow you through Facebook. And I’ve now added RSS feed to my The Old Reader account (like Google Reader only it still exists).
    We’ll keep following you. So don’t worry about LJ. If it is bothering you that much, we’ll just use other methods to follow you.

    1. Lisa Deutsch Harrigan says:

      Oh and *hugs* just because.

  3. Ali Muñiz says:

    Not that this isn’t still annoying, but I suppose you could delete half of the links at a time, making a binary search tree, and finding the offending link in O(log n) time rather than O(n).

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