[links] Link salad trudges back to the medical trenches

The Nine Trillion Names of Jay Lake — My friend [info]ericjamesstone gives me a gift (again).

Best of 2013: Million-Year Data Storage Disk Unveiled

OK, Glass, Find a Killer AppDevelopers hope apps that improve upon their smartphone versions will help Google’s head-worn computer catch on.

So Valuable, It Could Almost Be Real — The price of fakes.

Scientists tell the truth… — A little honesty goes a long way. Hahaha.

Spared Winter Freeze, Florida’s Mangroves Are Marching North — Climate change? What climate change?

Nailing down climate uncertainty hints at greater future warmingHalf of the differences in climate models come down to trouble with clouds. Ah, science, a giant self-correcting mechanism. Unlike ideology, which is always correct regardless of the evidence.

Apple denies any knowledge of NSA hacking its iPhones

Egyptian Military Junta Jumps the Shark, Interrogates Islamist Muppet — This is as weird as the Bert thing back in 2002 or so.

2013, An Extraordinary Year for Marriage Equality — And the rising tide of bigotry begins to recede. Remember when the anti-gay bigots used to brag about how they had never lost a vote on the subject, as evidence of the rightness of their position? Suddenly winning popular votes is a lot less important to them. The much vaunted intellectual consistency of conservative America on display once more.

?otD: Got prognosis?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo brain)
Hours slept: 8.0 hours (solid)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Weight: n/a (traveling, no scale)
Number of FEMA troops on my block faking evidence for evolution: 0
Currently reading: n/a (chemo brain)

4 thoughts on “[links] Link salad trudges back to the medical trenches

  1. Dave Raines says:

    >> Unlike ideology, which is always correct regardless of the evidence.

    Of course you realize that this itself is an ideological statement.

  2. Jay says:

    Snerk. I do think it’s fair to say that ideology generally doesn’t carry the same self-correcting mechanisms that science does. Self-correction is designed into the scientific process, though it sometimes fails. Most ideologies rely on a stability of thought over time, which is antithetical to flexible self-correction.

    1. Dave Raines says:

      Fair point, although if Thomas Kuhn is right, the process is a bit messy and ideological in science as well. Hm, I’ve just realized that “self-correction” is central to Christianity… though it’s called “repentance” and is really “Other correcting Self”… I’m going to think on this. – also I note that there are many examples of religions correcting themselves; but the process is even messier than that of science, perhaps. Hm.

      1. Jay says:

        Oh, I don’t think that either religion or political ideology fails to self-correct. If that were true, both threads of human culture would be far more static than they are. The difference, as I see it, is that the scientific process idealizes, and mostly lives up to, the process of evidence gathering, theorizing and self-correction as a core tenet. Many if not most ideologies have an observable tendency to look to revealed truth or a perfected wisdom and resist new evidence rather than embrace it.

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