[personal] Dining with the Slacktivist

Dad, Lisa Costello and I met Slacktivist Fred Clark for lunch yesterday. Fred was kind enough to drive down from his home in Pennsylvania to dine here in Rockville, Maryland, near our hotel.

It was a fascinating lunch. Fred is a gentleman, as well as a smart and entertaining human being. I already knew this from reading his blog for years now, but it was fun to confirm that in person. We talked about families, life and cancer for a while, then veered off into theology, sociology and the Christian experience. Fred’s perspective and mine are rather different in some important ways, but quite well-aligned in other ways just as important. Plus we both went to Christian schools as kids, albeit under very different circumstances.

I was highly entertained, learned more than a few things and had a very good time. I am pretty sure Dad and Lisa did, too, and I hope Fred did as well.

The lunch was one small bonus for this trip.

3 thoughts on “[personal] Dining with the Slacktivist

  1. Liz Coleman says:

    Whoa, I’m two degrees from Slacktivist! I’ve been watching his blog for so long, and he never posts pictures or anything but the barest of personal details, that he feels more like an etherial Internet Person than most.

  2. Dave Raines says:

    The old cliche is “never meet a writer you like; you’ll be disappointed.” Sounds like that wasn’t your experience. I daresay it wasn’t his either!

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