[publishing|repost] 2013 bibliography for award consideration

I may have missed one or two things, but here is my 2013 fiction bibliography, for your information, and by request, for award consideration. As my illness slows me down, this grows ever thinner of course. I will amend this list as needed.


Kalimpura, Tor Books, 2013 — Book three of the Green trilogy


Hook Agonistes”, with Seanan McGuire, Subterranean Online, Fall, 2013 — A collaborative story of future human enslavement and an unlikely messiah

Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh, Prime Books — Horror or contemporary dark fantasy, depending on your perspective

“Rock of Ages”, METAtropolis: Green Space, ed. Jay Lake and Ken Scholes, Audible.com — Selected by editor Gardner Dozois for Year’s Best Science Fiction 31


“You Will Attend Until Beauty Awakens”, Clockwork Fairy Tales, ed. Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett, ROC — A retelling of “Sleeping Beauty”

A Stranger Comes to Kalimpura”, Subterranean Online, Spring, 2013 — A Green story set long after the events of the novels

Short Stories

“King of the Kingless”, Hex in the City, ed. Kerrie L. Hughes, Fiction River — One of my Portland wizards stories

“Spendthrift”, Coins of Chaos, ed. Jennifer Brozek, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing — WWII and zombies in New Guinea

“Monsters in the Mountains at the Edge of the World”, That Is Not Dead: Historical Lovecraft, ed. Darrell Schweitzer, PS Publishing — Romans vs Chinese vs Cthulhoid horrors in ancient Samarkand

4 thoughts on “[publishing|repost] 2013 bibliography for award consideration

  1. Barbara says:

    whoops! good thing you published this list, I almost proceeded directly to Kalimpura from Green…so Endurance is waiting in the library for me right now!

  2. Just read Hook Agonistes, and I thought it was a great story, with a lot of beauty, depth, and layers.


    Like a lot of great stories, I was left with several questions that I wish had answers, like:

    Was Hook’s name (i.e. “Jas”) meant to be a clue about his dual nature? (I noticed at the end that his name was James minus the “Me”.)

    What was the other Hook reprogramming Mr Grin to do, exactly? Was it just meant to be something that would distract Jas enough to let Hook take control?

    Was Pan’s birth really a virgin birth? My first guess would be that somehow Hook had something to do with it, but if so I can’t see how he had the biomedical knowledge necessary to implant an embryo in Anniehall (I didn’t get the sense from the quoted Lowryland protocols that the Enhanced Entertainers were programmed with that level of advanced knowledge), and I can’t see how he had the resources necessary to perform such an operation.

    What led Hook to suspect that the destruction of Earth was a ruse created by the Taushin?

    Anyway, a bit late with this, so I guess I don’t really expect answers, but hey, the story got my mind a-wondering.


    1. Jay says:

      Hah! Good questions. I have always felt very strongly that the story text should stand on its own. As I once said in a similar context, I don’t come to your house and explain the story when you’ve read it.

      Besides, a little mystery is a good thing in life. 🙂

      1. Sigh. A reader can hope. Didn’t hurt to ask… 🙂

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