[cancer] The NIH Fundraiser – stretch goals?

Yesterday, the Science Fiction Author on Trial (NIH trial, that is!) fundraiser made goal.

Thank you very much. This helps meet the costs for Dad and Lisa Costello to be here in Maryland, as well some of my incidentals.

One of our prize sponsors suggested we set some stretch goal prizes. I’m going to let them worry about that with the organizer, Shlom Ster. It would be nice to cover the $2,000 or so in extra costs from my last minute travel fire drill. Any money beyond that will go into my healthcare fund for future needs here at NIH or at home.

But really, to do it yesterday, while I was out for the count for surgery and recovery… You guys are awesome, and I love you. Thank you so much.

5 thoughts on “[cancer] The NIH Fundraiser – stretch goals?

  1. Jay Sheckley says:

    So wonderful. And yes, the fundraiser must go on!

  2. MtnSk8tr says:

    We love you too, Jay. We really, really do.

  3. M.A. says:

    Hey, thank you for giving us something we can actually do to help!

  4. Emily Mah says:

    I donated what I could and have posted links on my FB pages. Our contribution to this effort *rather* pales in comparison to yours. Fight on!

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