[cancer] Update from the latest CT scan

In all the busy-ness of surgery last week, I failed to note the results of the pre-op CT scan.

Basically, no new metastases since the previous scan, and the growth rate of my tumors has slowed a bit, to a doubling rate of around 12 weeks versus the roughly 8 weeks previously noted.

It’s odd what counts as good news these days. I live in horror, I will likely die soon in horror, but this scan somehow insensibly cheers me.

4 thoughts on “[cancer] Update from the latest CT scan

  1. This reminds me of one of my mantras: “Trust all joy.” While the good news from the CT scan doesn’t change the end result, or the horror of the journey, there are joys to be found in every day and these results certainly count among them. I celebrate & share your insensible cheer.

  2. Stevie says:

    No new metastases is good news, and the slowing down in growth of the existing tumours is a bonus when you have a viable treatment option ahead of you.
    It is also yet another reason why your amazing plane journey to get to NIH so they could do the surgery was so brilliant; they get to start treating you faster 🙂

  3. Eve Rose says:

    What Stevie said!

  4. Bruce Taylor says:

    I agree with Geri. This sounds like REALLY good news to me. Maybe it might be worth
    Focusing more on the “insensible cheer” than the unspeakle horror? Or find out WHAT exactly, appears to be slowing the progression of cancer and explore that more, if you haven’t done so already? Any ideas? Sounds like progress in a hopeful direction.

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